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In this eBook you will learn how to train your corporate employees more efficiently:

  • Learn why technology-based training is undoubtedly the future of employee training Employees retain and practice only a fraction of what they learn during corporate training sessions. Learn how our solutions enable employee training to stick.

  • Solve your training challenges with our adaptive e-learning methods Discover how we use corporate training research to provide state of the art employee training with adaptive learning methods.

  • Achieve higher employee engagement Find out how adaptive learning environments can enable your organization and its employees to make a difference.

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What is adaptive learning?

For your business

  • Improved employee productivity
  • Higher employee engagement
  • Measurable capability and capacity
  • Lower Unconscious incompetence

For the learner

  • Faster time to proficiency
  • Eliminate frustration of unnecessary training
  • Higher proficiency
  • Higher self-awareness of strengths and development areas
  • Enhanced, personalized learning experience

For the training function

  • Measurable outcomes
  • Real time quality feedback
  • Real time content updates
  • Improved teaching effectiveness
  • Eliminate "one size fits none"

Key concepts of adaptive learning


  • Are you still measuring training by the number of courses completed or ‘smile sheets’?
  • Modern businesses require a modern approach to measurement -­ Proficiency.
  • Are your staff competent and confident to execute your strategy?
  • Measure what matters. Area9 provides unparalleled granular metrics.

Unconscious incompetence

  • What happens when your employees think they know something, but in reality, they don’t?
  • Mistakes. Costly mistakes. This is the hidden (and sometimes very visible) cost of unconscious incompetence.
  • Real-time feedback and powerful reporting capabilities raise self-awareness and provide business insight.


  • Do you remember everything the first time you see it? Or completely understand every scenario you are presented with?
  • The human brain is designed to require multiple exposures to stimuli to build long term memories.

How we transform your content to adaptive learning

How It Works How It Works

Find out how adaptive learning can help your employees become superstars by downloading our primer below:

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Why Choose Area9?

  • Whether you're in Hospitality, Transportation, Energy, Industrials, Manufacturing, or Retail & Consumer Goods, our cloud based e-learning solutions work for your business.
  • The Area9 adaptive algorithms use detailed models of human cognition and memory, and exploit targeted, repeated exposure to each learner’s most difficult learning items to ‘recharge’ memory and drive understanding.
  • Our approach uncovers unconscious incompetence – which can be as much as 40% or more for some roles – and corrects it.

Case Studies

Find out how adaptive learning can improve employee productivity by downloading our primer:

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