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Kenna Ose

Senior Vice-President, Business Development
System wide training must meet the needs of the individual. Striking that balance is the missing link in most organizations and has the most impact on knowledge retention and organizational success.”

Kenna started her career in corporate learning and development in 2001. The USDA, Graduate School needed to change the way they trained TSA employees. They were moving from print-based solutions and on-ground instruction with aspirations of digital delivery and early e-learning. Knowledge retention, particularly in a high stress environment was critical yet difficult to achieve.

An adaptive learning methodology would have been a game changer. Joining Area9 gives Kenna the opportunity to support organizations like the USDA, Graduate School with a strong technology and approach to learning that will make all organizations more successful.

Kenna has been a senior leader at several learning companies, holds a Master’s degree in Education, and is pursuing a doctorate in innovation and leadership. Kenna recently joined Area9 to better understand and improve the learning and training outcomes of organizations by using adaptive learning technologies.

The corporate learning and development market is challenged to measure the impact of learning on employees and tie that to the organization’s objectives. Knowledge retention and time to completion become critical factors.

An adaptive learning approach supports those challenges and changes the way skilling and re-skilling occurs. As a leader in the learning space, Kenna brings an understanding of the learner, the organization, and the changing demands of learning and learning technologies that impact both individual and organizational outcomes.

With more than 20 years of experience in academia and industry, Kenna has built strategies and teams focused on providing solutions to organizations and their corporate learning and development missions.

Alongside the needs of corporate learning and development, Kenna has focused on the interconnectedness of academia and industry. Skilling and re-skilling a workforce across a host of industries and job types has been a primary focus for Kenna over the past seven years.

Understanding the skills needed to enter the workforce are as critical to an organization’s outcomes as re-skilling and retaining current employees. The dialog between academia and industry must change.

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