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Joe Barrow

Senior Vice-President, Business Development
Individual capability gaps often get overlooked when training down the middle. It’s this misstep that costs an organization time, money and can result in a diminished customer experience.”

Joe is a strategic leader across both academia and the professional marketplace. Over the past 20 years, Joe has focused on the impact of learning technologies, both on the organization and the individual learner.

Joe has a keen sense of extracting the greatest value from a technology in the most, clear and succinct manner. This becomes important when the impact of technology must be a contribution to the process and not a limiter.

Joe has been a senior leader at several learning companies including The Learning Edge, a Tasmania based content management startup that was later acquired by Pearson.

Joe spent five + years at the DC based, platform/technology company Blackboard during its meteoric growth from 2002 – 2007. Joe most recently joined Area9 from Amazon Web Services education team. Joe continues to explore new ways to skill/re-skill a workforce in a way that most effectively provides the outcomes an organization is looking to achieve.

Improving the learning process and linking retained skills to company objectives is Joe’s key area of focus at Area9.

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