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Dr. Ulrik Juul Christensen

Chairman of the Board & CEO, Area9 Learning
Learning science may change the world
- not computers or tablets..."

Dr. Christensen is recognized worldwide as an expert in learning technology.
He has pioneered adaptive learning, data-driven content development, simulation and debriefing technologies.

He is responsible for the strategy of Area9 Group’s businesses, that span from purpose-built platforms for optimization of business processes for large corporations over digital product design to corporate training based on intelligent, adaptive learning.

Founded his first company, Sophus Medical, in 1997 while still in medical school. Sophus Medical was acquired by Laerdal Medical in 2002.

Dr. Christensen co-founded Area9 Group in 2006, which has been at the forefront of adaptive and personalized learning. Area9 Education was sold to McGraw-Hill Education in 2014.

Area9 Learning