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Memory: A Contribution to Experimental Psychology

“…differences in individuals and differences in content – an endless number of differences come to light…… Left to itself every mental content gradually loses its capacity for being revived, or at least suffers loss in this regard under the influence of time. Facts crammed at examination time soon vanish, if they were not sufficiently grounded by other study and later subjected to a sufficient review.”

Hermann Ebbinghaus

Deliberate Practice

Anders Ericsson’s Original Paper from 1993

The More Popular Science Overview Book:

On The Need for Personalization

(“No such thing as an average individual”)

Harvard Researcher Todd Rose

Adaptive Learning Presentation to ATD South Florida

Hitachi Systems Case Study


  • More than 7,000 employees and 25,000 3rd party resellers and customers need training in technical products
  • Training required on highly complex products, processes, and services
  • +500 courses available in legacy LMS

Coloplast Case Study


  • Training on a highly complex product in the fastest possible way
  • Consistent training of 1,000 sales reps in different countries
  • Performance monitoring of training efforts to optimize and target training