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Training, on-boarding, and reskilling for diesel technicians must change to meet industry demands. Area9’s adaptive learning approach is transformational and critical to developing the next generation talent pipeline for diesel technicians."
Timothy Spurlock, President and Founder, American Diesel Training Centers

From safety, to service, to technical trades, transportation industry employees have key skill needs that can be met by an innovative approach that guarantees mastery while reducing training time.

Welcome to Area9 Learning’s adaptive learning solution for transportation.


Safety requires a no-compromise approach to training. Adaptive learning brings safety and compliance training into the 21st century. Highly engaging, it helps learners internalize the content to drive behavior change. Highly adaptive, it recognizes what they already know and guides them through the content quickly, without compromising proficiency.

Service & Culture

Whether you operate an airline or a last-mile delivery company, customer service is key. With time pressures and remote staff, e-learning is a good choice, but doesn’t have a great reputation when it comes to welcoming employees into your culture, or teaching them key elements of customer service. Area9’s adaptive technology is highly engaging and offers a great solution to deliver emotionally impactful learning at scale.

Technical Trades

High turnover and the school-to-work gap mean that skilled workers are difficult to find, and hard to retain. Retraining workers is an option, but historically has been expensive. What’s need is a way to do cost-effective competency development at scale — one that works equally well for new entrants to the workforce and experienced workers, and automatically takes advantage of the knowledge and skills they bring. That’s the Area9 approach.

Area9 Learning