Confident, knowledgeable, motivated employees

Whether you are a big box retailer, a purveyor of luxury goods, or in fasting-moving consumer goods (FMCG), your people make the difference. Keeping employees up to speed on your newest products and promotions is challenging when they are spread across different stores. Add in seasonal staff and high turnover, and things get really tough.

What if there was a solution that guaranteed your staff were proficient in the latest product updates, as well as in-store procedures and health and safety information, and did it in half the time of competing solutions? And beyond that was highly engaging and built confidence, too?

Welcome to Area9 Learning’s adaptive learning solution for retail.

High Turnover Industries

Area9 CEO Ulrik Christensen describes how adaptive learning can benefit high turnover industries such as retail


“As we continue to grow, we want our employees to fully understand our commitment to world-class manufacturing jobs and products that are built to last. The more ways we can effectively tell our story, the better the experience our customer has with our brand.”

Jacques Panis, President at Shinola


The Area9 platform is a very powerful tool. It has enabled us to ensure our team members have the expertise and confidence to offer world class service across all of our distribution channels.

Nathan Gray, C.C. Filson Co.