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Our adaptive solution is the the proven way to ensure every employee receives personalized training that guarantees proficiency, yet takes half the time of other solutions.”
Dr. Ulrik Juul Christensen, Chairman, Area9 Group

When things are going right, great staff cruise along and let the magic happen. But when things go wrong, great staff make the difference between happy customers and bad reviews. In food service, bar service, or the front office, it’s not enough to have staff with a great attitude. They need to be skilled in your products and your processes, and live your culture.

What’s the best way to ensure your employees are always proficient in a fast-changing environment? Adaptive learning from Area9.

That’s why Tyrone Redic, General Manager at Honey’s, the upscale, chic restaurant in Chicago’s West Loop chose Area9’s Wine Lab training for his service staff. “An exceptional customer experience requires an exceptional service team. Area9’s Wine Lab guarantees they can deliver on that promise.”

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