Founded more than 10 years ago by physicians, Area9 Learning understands the needs of healthcare professionals. From prestigious groups like NEJM Group (publisher of the world renowned New England Journal of Medicine) and the American Association of Clinical Chemistry, to device companies like Medtronic, to pharmaceutical companies like Abbvie, business across healthcare trust Area9 Learning to provide optimized training in support of life-or-death decision making.

Whether it is sales training in a compliance environment, or Continuing Medical Education and preparation for Board Certification, the Area9 adaptive approach is ideally suited to build proficiency and confidence quickly in a highly engaging way.

Customer Case Study: The New England Journal Of Medicine

Customer Case Study

The New England Journal Of Medicine is the most widely read, cited, and influential general medical periodical in the world. NEJM Group and Area9 Learning partnered in February 2013 to create the first-of-its-kind platform that adapts to clinicians’ learning goals, pace and knowledge gaps to deliver the information they need.

Hear from Jeffrey M Drazen, MD, Editor-in-chief, NEJM Group, and physicians on how Area9’s technology makes a difference to their lives, via the NEJM Knowledge+ platform.

Customer Case Study

When the American Association of Clinical Chemistry, a global scientific and medical professional organization dedicated to better health through laboratory medicine, wanted to help laboratory medicine experts expand their knowledge and enhance their ability to find answers to challenging patient health problems, it turned to Area9 Learning and NEJM Group.

Customer Case Study: AACC

AACC Learning Lab is an online learning platform that combines gold standard laboratory medicine content with the revolutionary adaptive technology used by NEJM Knowledge+ and developed by Area9 Learning. The Learning Lab can be used by those preparing for certification exams and seeking continuing education. Covering all disciplines of laboratory medicine, the material provided by AACC Learning Lab is divided into five program areas: clinical chemistry, hematology and coagulation, transfusion medicine, microbiology, and molecular diagnostics.

“Laboratory medicine professionals play a critical role in healthcare by ensuring that the right medical tests are ordered and that the results are interpreted correctly so that patients get effective care,” said AACC CEO Janet B. Kreizman. “We are excited to partner with NEJM Group and Area9 to provide lab professionals with the educational content they need to grow in their careers and positively impact patient outcomes.”

“I am thrilled to be a part of this unique alliance between three authorities: NEJM Group, AACC—the leading authority in laboratory medicine, and Area9—which has been spearheading adaptive learning for the past 10 years,” said Dr. Ulrik Christensen, Chairman of the Board, Area9 Learning.

Customer Case Study: The Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery

Customer Case Study

When JBJS, Inc., the most valued source of information for orthopaedic surgeons and researchers for over 125 years, was looking for an innovative approach to training, they turned to the partnership of Area9 Learning and the New England Journal of Medicine.

JBJS Clinical Classroom on NEJM Knowledge+ uses research-proven, state-of-the-art adaptive learning technology developed by Area9 and employed by NEJM Knowledge+ to provide orthopaedic surgeons with a personalized learning experience at any stage in their career.

Users learn by answering case-based, short-form, and fill-in-the-blank questions based on JBJS gold-standard content and delivered by smart technology that continuously adapts to learners’ goals, pace, and knowledge gaps.

“JBJS is proud to offer this product to orthopaedic surgeons, enabling them to accelerate their proficiency, continuously sharpen their skills, and engage in lifelong learning.”– Paul Sandford, CEO, JBJS. is thrilled to be a part of this unique alliance between three authorities: NEJM Group, AACC—the leading authority in laboratory medicine, and Area 9—which has been spearheading adaptive learning for the past 10 years,” said Dr. Ulrik Christensen, Chairman of the Board, Area9 Learning.

New England Journal of Medicine

“Board exams are a high-stakes game. You want to get it right, and you want to get it right the first time, so we decided to put together a product that, just like the New England Journal, [is] a gold standard in medical information. We help you learn what you need to learn so you can do the best job for your patients, and at the same time pass the Board.”

Jeffrey M Drazen, MD. Editor-in-chief, NEJM Group.

On the Area9 partnership:
“A few years ago, when we set out to create a truly innovative product that would be relevant and convenient to physicians as they sought to grow and maintain their knowledge and prepare for board exams, we issued a similar RFP. In their response, Area9, a physician-led company that is an innovator in interactive educational software, asked us to consider them as a partner, not a vendor. We did, and that partnership has been extremely successful. Our product, NEJM Knowledge+, has been very well received by the physician community.”

Chris Lynch, Vice President for Publishing, NEJM Group.


“In healthcare, accurate knowledge is crucial for an effective sales team. Adaptive learning ensures our team builds the knowledge and confidence they need, in the most optimal way.”

Kristian Villumsen, EVP Chronic Care, Coloplast


“The platform is very easy to use. The course adapts to me and I constantly feel challenged. It kept me engaged and I came away from the experience feeling that I actually achieved something.”

Roy Peake, PhD. Associate Director in Clinical Chemistry, Boston Children’s Hospital

“This program targets all professionals in laboratory medicine and will prove invaluable for those preparing for certification exams, those seeking medical education credit and those desiring to assess their competency.”

Nader Rifai, PhD., Editor-in-chief, Clinical Chemistry, AACC.