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Isn’t it time your training came into the 21st century?”
Dr. Ulrik Juul Christensen, Chairman, Area9 Group

In downturns and upswings, productivity matters. Whether it is a downturn in oil prices, or surging demand for natural gas and renewables, pressure on workers in the energy sector has never been greater. When layoffs happen, the work doesn’t go away; productivity is key. And, when scarce skills are in high demand, fast retraining can make the difference.

Why tie your workers up in 15 to -20 days of training each year, which many don’t like and most don’t find useful? You need a solution that guarantees proficiency in half the time.

Welcome to adaptive learning from Area9. Our adaptive platform personalizes learning to every employee, automatically. Based on their experiences, knowledge, and skills, they get just the training they need – and because they only get what they need, training is typically 50% shorter than other approaches.

Our adaptive engine also measures a worker’s confidence in what they know – allowing us to uncover and fix “unconscious incompetence.” Up to 40% of what a worker knows may be incorrect — because it is out of date, or they misunderstood something, or a colleague gave them the wrong information. These knowledge gaps cost industry billions of dollars a year. Our approach makes learners aware of these gaps and errors, and quickly addresses them.

Area9 Learning