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From technician to dealer sales,  employees need training to achieve success in the automotive sector, where technology evolves quickly and products change frequently. Area9 helps your employees gain the extensive knowledge they need to be productive more quickly than ever.

In a highly competitive industry, Area9 can be the catalyst that helps your company be the best.

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Whether it is a downturn in oil prices, or surging demand for natural gas and renewables, pressure on workers in the energy sector has never been greater.  When scarce skills are in high demand, fast retraining can make the difference, and improving productivity helps when resources are tight.

Area9’s adaptive platform reduces time spent in training while boosting proficiency – giving a double boost to productivity.
Educate and engage your food production employees and improve the performance of your organization today.

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Food Production

Workforce safety, production quality guidelines, regulatory compliance, processing, distribution, retail…today’s food production companies have an ever-growing need for training.  Area9’s platform adapts to each learner, and works with any type of training content, for any subject – giving you maximum benefits with ultimate flexibility.

Educate and engage your food production employees and improve the performance of your organization today.

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Industrials & Manufacturing

From the factory floor to global commerce, adaptive learning helps manual workers and knowledge workers alike build new skills and keep their current skills up to date, in the most efficient and effective way.  Whether you are looking to reduce time off the line, or trying to solve a global sales problem, Area9’s adaptive platform provides the biggest business impact.

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Restaurants & Hospitality

In an industry where “good” is never good enough, train your employees to be great with adaptive e-learning. Focus on customer service, compliance legislation, food safety, and virtually any type of training that makes your business unique.

Learn how Area9 helps the hospitality industry learn faster and more efficiently.

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Retail & Consumer Goods

Provide your staff with the latest product updates, in-store procedures, sales techniques and health and safety information in half the time. In addition to reducing time required for achieving competence, adaptive e-learning on the Area9 platform also brings the added benefit of high confidence and high engagement. The Area9 approach makes the traditional challenges of high employee turnover and a seasonal workforce things of the past.

Bring your existing training, get help along the way, or use us as a content development partner. Learn more about how Area9 gives you exactly what you need.

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High turnover and the school-to-work gap mean that skilled workers are difficult to find, and hard to retain. Retraining workers is an option, but historically has been expensive. Imagine there was a way to do cost-effective competency development at scale one that worked equally well for new entrants to the workforce and experienced workers, and automatically took advantage of the knowledge and skills they bring.

Whether it is mechanic training, OSHA compliance, service training, or your own proprietary content, Area9 Learning’s adaptive offerings are the ideal solution.

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