Adaptive Learning

Ultimate Personalization—Maximum Business Impact

No two brains are alike. Area9’s adaptive platform combines cognitive neuroscience and computer science with your content to cut training time in half, guarantee proficiency and make lasting impacts on careers and business outcomes.

1 – Trackman
2 – New England Journal of Medicine
3 – Coloplast
4 – Hitachi
5 – National Safety Council
6 – Shinola

Personalize Your Training at the Point of Delivery

Are you a leader, or part of the herd? Chasing after buzzwords like gamification might sound like a good training strategy, but what you really need is a cutting-edge, yet proven approach to proficiency building. Something with evidence collected from millions of learner experiences. Something that cuts training time in half while guaranteeing proficiency.

Area9’s industry-leading “biological” adaptive engine might sound like a buzzword, but it’s a proven solution tailored to target specific needs of corporate employees. Our technology personalizes each learner interaction based on their unique knowledge, experience and confidence in the subject. Each student gets a unique learning experience personalized to their needs, with fully adaptive content that uses neuroscience and computer science to deliver the right content at the right time.

More than 20 Years of Research

For more than 20 years, the team behind Area9 Learning has been researching human factors, learning, product development, content development and computer science. That research has led us to adaptive learning—what we believe to be the solution to e-learning fatigue—and the best solution to deliver personalized learning at scale.

How It Works

Customer Success

The New England Journal Of Medicine is the most widely read, cited and influential general medical periodical in the world. NEJM Group and Area9 Learning partnered in February 2013 to create the first-of-its-kind platform with smart technology that adapts to clinicians’ learning goals, pace and knowledge gaps to deliver the information they need to know. The system uses research-proven methods to accelerate proficiency, continuously sharpen skills and promote true life long learning.

Hear from Jeffrey M Drazen, MD. Editor-in-chief, NEJM Group and physicians on how Area9’s technology makes a difference to their lives, via the NEJM Knowledge+ platform.