Leapfrog the Learning Gap




No two learners are alike. While some excel in certain areas, they might feel less than confident in others.
Sometimes, they don’t have an understanding of their abilities. Using a generalized learning approach,
it’s almost impossible to zero in on individual needs and identify accurate levels of proficiency.
This results in knowledge gaps, which are rarely addressed without one-on-one tutoring or facilitation.

Throughout a course, a learner respond to a completely individualized series of content-related questions.
For each question, the learner rates how confident she is about her answer. All the data is analyzed
and used to adapt the content to meet the individual’s learning needs.

The result: Users not only reach proficiency goals in less time, but they also gain confidence in their skillset.

Customized Learning Across the Board

Competency-Based: Adaptive learning programs can be tailored to target specific needs of corporate employees
No Two Experiences Are Alike: Analyzes data and adapts content in real time
Any Device, Any Time: Compatible across  all platforms
Enhancing the Workplace: Helps improve and streamline  corporate procedures


For the Business

  • Improved employee productivity
  • Higher employee engagement
  • Measurable capability and capacity
  • Lower unconscious incompetence

For the Learner

  • Faster time to proficiency
  • Eliminate frustration
    of unnecessary training
  • Higher proficiency
  • Higher self-awareness of strengths and development areas
  • Enhanced, personalized learning experience

For the Training Function

  • Measurable outcomes
  • Real time quality feedback
  • Real time content updates
  • Improved teaching effectiveness
  • Eliminate ‟one size fits none”

Key Concepts


Are you still measuring training by the number
of courses completed or ‘smile sheets’?

Modern businesses require a modern approach
to measurement -­ Proficiency.

Are your staff competent and confident to
execute your strategy?

Measure what matters.
Area9 provides unparalleled granular metrics.

Unconscious Incompetence

What happens when your employees think
they know something, but in reality they don’t?

Mistakes. Costly mistakes.
This is the hidden (and sometimes very visible)
cost of unconscious incompetence.

The Area9 adaptive approach uncovers
unconscious incompetence – which can be as
much as 40% or more for some roles
– and corrects it.

Real-time feedback and powerful reporting
capabilities raise self-awareness and provide
business insight.


Do you remember everything the first
time you see it? Or completely understand
every scenario you are presented with?

The human brain is designed to require
multiple exposures to stimuli to build
long term memories.

The Area9 adaptive algorithms use detailed
models of human cognition and memory, and
exploit targeted, repeated exposure to each
learner’s most difficult learning items to
‘recharge’ memories and drive understanding.



  • Complete cloud-based e-learning authoring, delivery and reporting platform
  • Fully compatible with existing authoring tools and LMS’
  • 16 different question types
  • Team-based authoring and review
  • “Challenge button”–real-time feedback to content authors from users on question accuracy
  • “Feedback button”–real-time feedback to content authors from users on content quality
  • Real-time updates–changes can be pushed to existing and/or new users in real-time.
  • Support for any teaching content including text, animation, PowerPoint, video, 3D models and simulations. Support for performance support tools such as checklists and quick reference guides.


  • Individual, team and company-wide reporting
  • Report types: Scores; Missed Questions; Most Challenging Learning Objectives; Unconscious incompetence; Tree of Knowledge (watch your tree grow as you learn)
  • In-platform view, or export to spreadsheets, data warehouses
    or analytics tools


  • Formative Assessment-based approach to teaching
  • Fully adaptive (personalized)
  • Recharge-personalized refresher to ensure maintenance of proficiency
  • Offline capability on iOS and Android
  • Practice quizzes
  • Library of all learning resources


  • Web-based desktop and mobile (iOS, Android)
  • Cloud-based authoring, delivery and reporting
  • SCORM and xAPI compliant
  • SAML2 compliant


  • Flexible licensing: by user; by course; combination; enterprise-wide; revenue ­share.


Area9 Learning specializes in the  following industries:
Hospitality, Transportation, Energy, Retail & Consumer Goods, Industry, Automotive


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