No need to wait 3-5 years. Area9 creates a 1:1 relation-
ship with the learner and your content - TODAY. By precisely identifying what each individual learner knows in a continuous and adaptive fashion, we can efficiently deliver the right content, at the proper time, in the best way—any time, any place, any path, any pace.

Area9’s adaptive learning (ILO) platform provides highly detailed data, ranging from each individual’s perceived knowledge vs. actual knowledge, to an over-
view of the progress of the entire population of learners.

In the May, 2012 report titled,
Barriers to Adoption of Online Learning Systems in U.S. Higher Education, the Ithaka S+R research team outlines key obstacles that stand in the way of widespread adoption of highly interactive, adaptive, online learning systems at traditional colleges and universities. The report believes adaptive learning or ILO systems will proliferate in the next three to five years.

“By ILO we mean highly sophisticated, interactive technologies in which instruction is delivered online and is largely machine-guided (although of course such technologies may be used in conjunction with more traditional modes of instruction).

The best of these systems rely on increasingly sophisticated forms of artificial intelligence, drawing on usage data collected from hundreds of thousands of students, to deliver customized instruction tailored to an individual student’s specific needs—a technology often termed “adaptive.” These systems also allow instructors to track students’ progress through a course of study at a fine-grained level of detail, thereby enabling more targeted and effective guidance.“